27 October 2018

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A hackathon!


  • Visit the hacking space chat room in Patter or beta.
  • @33MHz plans to be hacking by 10AM Central US.

Open Ideas

  • under-utilized API features: sticky messages, user presence, user streams, ?
  • Rewrite Robin or write new native Android app (in Kotlin?)
  • open comment system using Pnut, similar to ADN Comments but allowing anonymous/others
  • Patter 2.0 (Slack or omega clone)
  • simple "now" page set/display: pull up type of channel created by user and display it.



A basic stream is working! https://beta.pnut.io/posts/489935


Broadsword now uses User Streams (websockets), and has been updated significantly. Many old features are back. Some bugginess.


Back online!


The "SMS" app has moved to https://telephone.s3rv.com, and now you can call the phone number as well! You'll have 30 seconds to leave a voicemail, which will be uploaded to Pnut and posted to Global.