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4 January 2020

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A hackathon! == Info ==* Visit the hacking space chat room in [ Patter] or [ beta]. == Open Ideas == * Update @beta to use sticky messages, other improvements*,,,,,* Improve Paste to display code better* Add menu options to* New MNDP intro* Add Instagram-to-RSS functionality for RtPaaS ( maybe?)* Improve Wedro's RoastMonday and polls design (remove index.php's, improve visual design...)* Your Idea Here ;) == Progress == === ChimPnut === [[@ludolphus]] - updated longpost links to go to Updating video handling. === === [[@33mhz]] - Working on channel creation, editing. === [ playlist generator] === [[@33MHz]] - Built basic parser, now I need to integrate the YouTube API so I can create playlists from the links I have. === [[@wiki]] === Improved @wiki's #OnThisDay posts to use Pnut user-determined anniversaries, instead of Wikipedia's list, first. === ex_pnut === [[@lechindianer]] === misc === [[@mcdemarco]] [hackathon|#hackathon[Category:Hackathon]]
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