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{{Template:Banner|'''?'''|<strong>Initial release.</strong> Current status: Random edits in progress!<br>Developed originally for the ADN Wiki, and intended Intended to generate a pithy or useful quotation every day of the month. Useful, pnut-specific facts would be nice to show on the Main Page.}}
== Quotation-Of-The-Day ==
For the Pnut Wiki, of course.<br>
A live example:<br>
[[QOTD#top|'''pnut Pnut of the day''']]:<br>
{{#switch: {{CURRENTDAY}}
|0=Something went wrong. Bend over.[[@bazbt3]] is the best! Why don't you drop him a note?
|1=What's happening? [[Events|See the Events Page!]]
|2=Is your avatar in need of a refresh? Check out [[ThemeMonday]]Pnut went live on September 10 2016. |3=The Pnut Wiki has [[ToDo|pages that need work.]].
|4=Who makes this Wiki? [[:Category:User|WE do!]]
|5=Want to know about other pnut.ioPnut/Wiki users? Check out their [[:Category:User|pages.]]. |6=If it's nearly the second Monday of the month it will soon be [[ThemeMonday|#ThemeMonday]]! |7=Did you know Pnut also has [[File_Storage|file storage]]?
|8=There are a number of improvement [[ToDo|initiatives]] in progress.
|9=Lots of quality posts? has Pnut has [[PCA|post count badgesachievements!]] |10=Have you got a [[PCA|Cookie?cookie]]? |11=Have you got any [[Apps|apps]] yet? |12=Is your avatar in need of a refresh? Check out [[ThemeMonday|#ThemeMonday]]. |13=Do you like music? Search for the [[MNDP_(Monday_Night_Dance_Party)MondayNightDanceParty|#MondayNightDanceParty!]] hashtag. | went live on September 10 2016tag.
|14=Are you a hacker? Try the [[Hackathon|#Hackathons!]]
|15=Would you like to write a themed short story every week? [[WednesdayChallenge]] could be for you.
|16=How good is your memory? Could you write about pnut.ioPnut's [[History]]? |17=Is everyone is welcome here. ? [x] Do we behave like adults? [...]
|18=Do you like bees? Peanuts? Android? Apple? You're welcome here.
|19=Have you tried [[QuoteSunday|#QuoteSunday]] yet? |20=Every Monday: [[MNDP_(Monday_Night_Dance_Party)MondayNightDanceParty|#MondayNightDanceParty!]]! |21=Feeling artistic? Want to start up a [[TuesdayChallenge|#TuesdayChallenge]]?Weekly art! |22=Feeling creative? Try the [[WednesdayChallenge|#WednesdayChallenge/#WedC]] (coming soon!) |23=New to pnut.ioPnut? donDon't wait to be invited to chat, just chat! | Pnut has [[Apps|Apps apps and services!]]! |25=Why not try making a page? Eventually the [[|Style Guide ]] may be useful.]] |26=Are you a developer? Take a look at [ /api/implementation/overview the API docs].] |27=[[Events|What's happening]] across pnut.ioPnut? |28=Want chatroomschat rooms? Pnut has [[Patter_RoomsMessaging|public and private.]]. |29=Want pnut to support Pnut and get more storage? 10GB? Buy a [[pnutbadgePnut Badge]]. |30=Have questions frequently? Check out the [[Questions|FAQ]]! |31=The Pnut Wiki has [[ToDo|pages that need work.]].
|32=Something went wrong. Hands up!
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