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12 January 2019

A hackathon!



Open Ideas

  • under-utilized API features: sticky messages, user presence, user streams, ?
  • open comment system using Pnut, similar to ADN Comments but allowing anonymous/others
  • Patter 2.0 (Slack or omega clone)
  • simple "now" page set/display: pull up type of channel created by user and display it.



@33mhz - Now displays if a message is "stickied"! Also loads channel's sticky messages and shows them at the bottom. Will need to build the UI for it. Small improvements to UI and dependencies.

@twiki bot

@mcdemarco - Built a bot that posts to Global when pushed.

ThemeMonday Gallery

@hutattedonmyarm - Pushed improvements to the beta:

@ravisorg - Released as a beta. Notifications should work!


@thedan84, @boxenjim, @bazbt3, @rafaelcosta, @shawn, and @thrrgilag worked on their own projects as well.