19 September 2020

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A hackathon!


  • Visit the hacking space chat room in Patter or beta.

Open Ideas

  • NSFW functionality for longpo.st
  • @beta link to longpo.st when viewing a longpost
  • Wordpress Pnut widget
  • Your Idea Here ;)


Hoping to be present: @33MHz, @blumenkraft, @ericd, @thedan84, @rafaelcosta, @griff, @kwood, @unixb0y, @ludolphus, @thrrgilag, @shawn


@ludolphus added a new theme and worked on iterative improvements to ChimPnut.

Pnut-Butter library

@kwood worked on moving the pnut-butter library over to TypeScript


@unixb0y fixed notifications and worked on improvements to PiNut.

Pnut API

@33MHz worked on backwards compatibility in the next major API release.


@shawn worked on implementing some of the core types for users and posts.


@thrrgilag started a Linux app! https://dreamfall.space/_matrix/media/r0/download/dreamfall.space/FtXIDCIvBdAZaQMjDMibjsFW