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Test pages and other stuff for inclusion into this wiki and for enhancing use of pnut.io.

Likely to remain static once implemented

  • @bazbt3/Sandbox/EventToday - a tiny bit of code (compared to the following humongous thing) to automatically display the day's event(s) at the main page. It's really quite trivial but I'm hoping to build in it.
- Compare live vs test here.
  • @bazbt3/Sandbox/EventCode - an automated event display/listing. Started for the 14 October 2017 Hackathon the code, copied from my previous work at the ADN wiki, is rough and difficult to follow, and thus unsuitable for casual editing. It has bugs.


I need to remember to paste the live pages' contents into the test pages each time to accurately replicate what's likely to happen.

- Compare live vs test here.
- Compare live vs test here.


I decided to have a go with PNUTpy, @thrrgilag's Python library for interacting with pnut.io.