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This is a bot that can remind you in PM or in a post. Built by @33mhz.



You can PM, or post on Global to set a reminder. #remindme, #remember, #reminder, @remindme can all be used with [time/interval] [optionally -pm, if posting and you want the reminder to be a PM.]

Easiest way to set a reminder is to say it like this: April 1 "this is my reminder".

In a PM, you can also say show reminders, and it will show upcoming reminders.

You may also manage what chat rooms @remindme is watching/subscribed to, with the commands rooms! (shows currently watched rooms) and [un]subscribe! [room ID].


To be notified before any Monday Night Dance Parties, follow the @remindme bot, and send it this message:

@remindme sub mndp


You can create "beacons" which are alerts for events. Be sure to follow @remindme first. (Because it is a bot, you need to follow it for it to have permission to message you.)

  • create [public] [relay] beacon [beacon name] [@username @username...] will create a beacon by that name. Names can only be alphanumeric, underscore, a few other little characters. Spaces will be removed. If you make it "public", it will be listed when anyone asks to show beacons. If you make it a relay beacon, anyone subscribed can publish to it. If you include usernames at the end, it will allow all of those users to publish to the beacon in addition to you.
  • edit [public] [relay] beacon [beacon name] [@username @username...] changes the publishers and whether the beacon is public or private.
  • delete beacon [beacon name] will delete the beacon.
  • show [my] beacons will list all public beacons, or all public beacons and your beacons, if you ask in a PM. Beacons with a (r) are "relay" beacons. If you ask for "my" beacons in a PM, it will show your subscribed beacons.
  • sub [beacon name] will subscribe you to a beacon.
  • unsub [beacon name] will unsubscribe you from a beacon.
  • unsub all will unsubscribe you from all beacons.
  • pub [beacon name] "[message]" will publish a message to the beacon. @remindme will send a PM to all users subscribed to that beacon, not including yourself.