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Pnut is driven by an ecosystem of apps built by third party developers. They (you) build the experiences on Pnut.

Also check out the Comparison of Timeline Apps and the Apps and Bots automatic listings.


Client Name Direct link Description
Dale for Android A native Android client
Goober for Android A native Android client
Robin Public timeline, chat, and private messages


Client Name Direct link Description
Goober for BB10 A native BlackBerry 10 client (reaching end of life)


Client Name Direct link Description
Arachis Slick iOS client
ChimPnut Feature complete client for iOS
Filez Manage your files, the swiss knife for your Pnut account
Phazel iOS client in development
Pnut Butler iOS-wide Pnut sharing extension for photos, links and text

iOS Beta Apps

Client Name Direct link Description
Patter for iOS Messaging and chats for iOS
Riposte (defunct) Beautiful iOS client
Yachimata Photo-share extension for iOS
Yawp (unknown status) iOS client


Client Name Direct link Description
Beta Beta is the official community web app
Broadsword Basic public timeline web app. Does not work for Safari
Brusque Browser posting and notification extension
JellyTime A web client for every browser and screen size
Noodle Mobile-friendly web client
Patter Private messages and chats


Client Name Direct link Description
Apero A native MacOS client
Enuts A Windows, Linux, and MacOS desktop client
Market Bucket A shopping list-maker
Mikutter_pnutio (unknown status) Extension for the Mikutter Twitter app
MNDP An app for the MondayNightDanceParty
Nutcracker Try out the Pnut API
NuttyBot A bridge for connecting Pnut with Telegram and Matrix
Paste A clipboard for Pnut
PigPen A Python (3.5) text-only app. Created in iOS Pythonista, uses the PNUTpy library. Not feature-complete.
RtPaaS (fP) Post an RSS and ATOM feed to your Pnut account timeline
Simoon Nonstop nonsens
Texnut A command-line client based on Texapp