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== <strong>[[ToDo]]</strong> ==
== <strong>[[ToDo]]</strong> ==
There are lots of things to do here to make the Wiki useful for us all. You can help by editing or creating fresh content. An account is ''necessary'' to edit and create content. <strong>[[ToDo]]</strong> is the big list. You can help! (It’s worth repeating.)
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Welcome to the pnut.io Community Wiki

This Wiki is new. Very new. Help us make it bigger, better!

What is pnut.io?

https://pnut.io is a social network created by @33MHz.

Logo design by @brainseller.


Upcoming Events

Next ThemeMonday will take place on October 9th.

Next Hackathon will take place on October 14th.



  • Document the history of pnut.io. One major reason for this Wiki's creation is the desire to document its history and to retain links to notable Events before memories fade.
  • Become the go-to place for current Events. If anything happens on pnut, one shouldn’t find out by accident.
  • Add links to live hashtags on hashtag and event pages.
  • Thinking (again) of writing code for pnut? Something like a bot or minimal tool? But no precise ideas yet? This can be used as an "implementation wanted" page to grab ideas! Don't just wait for a Hackathon!

Done or ongoing

For recent changes see the ToDo page.