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Welcome to the Community Wiki

This Wiki is new. Very new. Help us make it bigger, better!

What is is a social network created by @33MHz and inspired by a friendly, international social network with an unintential focus on tech. Jumping into others' conversations is encouraged.

What you create on pnut is yours. You can download it at any time in its raw form, and you can remove it as you see fit. We have no intention to be elitist here at our social sideshow; the invite system is fun, and a practical way to control spam. We'd love to hear from you!

Pnut is an API-first platform; we keep the service lean and let developers build the front-ends and creative applications on top of pnut. The network is supported directly by users and developers. For a minimum of $10/year or $3/month, a pnut badge will unlock a few perks:

For more detail see the Guide for new users.

pnut of the day:

Pnut of the day:
Have you tried #QuoteSunday yet?



Logo design by @brainseller.


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Upcoming Events

Events today

Work Chat - personal development and venting about your work life!

Pnut of the day:
Have you tried #QuoteSunday yet?

Upcoming events

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Recent events

Weekly events

Less Frequent

  • Theme Monday - change your avatar for the 2nd Monday of the month based on a theme (#themeMonday)
  • Work chat - personal development on Fridays (#workchat)
  • Hackathon - irregular, announced in good time
  • Secret Santa - gift giving around Xmas

Note: A 'Day' is an arbitrary concept on Pnut; one can take a week to complete!



  • Document the history of One major reason for this Wiki's creation is the desire to document its history and to retain links to notable Events before memories fade.
  • Become the go-to place for current Events. If anything happens on pnut, one shouldn’t find out by accident.
  • Add links to live hashtags on hashtag and event pages.
  • Thinking (again) of writing code for pnut? Something like a bot or minimal tool? But no precise ideas yet? This can be used as an "implementation wanted" page to grab ideas! Don't just wait for a Hackathon!

Done or ongoing

For recent changes see the ToDo page.