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Initial release. Current status: Random edits in progress!
Developed originally for the ADN Wiki, and intended to generate a pithy or useful quotation every day of the month. Useful, pnut-specific facts would be nice to show on the Main Page.


For the Pnut Wiki, of course.
A live example:

Pnut of the day:
The Pnut Wiki has pages that need work.

It uses code like the following, the middle is removed for brevity:

{{#switch: {{CURRENTDAY}}
 |0=Something went wrong. Bend over.
 |1=What's happening? [[Events|This is.]]
 |31=The Wiki has [[ToDo|pages that need work.]]
 |32=Something went wrong. Hands up!

The 'switch' command uses a system variable 'CURRENTDAY' and looks through a list of entries starting with a "|" and a number which corresponds to the CURRENTDAY of the month. '0' and '32' are superfluous.