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This year's Secret Santa is in the organizational phase. If you'd like to be a part of it, [[PM]] [[@33MHz]].
This year's Secret Santa is closed - we have 19 users participating. :-)

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For Pnut's Secret Santa event, users are each assigned another user to send a special gift for Christmas. Assignments are given before Thanksgiving, and gifts should not be over $20 cost.

Order of Business

The Secret Santa is orchestrated by @33MHz. Users' details are put into a script, which randomly assigns users their Secret Santas, excluding previous assignments and close relatives.

Please don't post personal details publicly; send a PM.

If shipping internationally, try to get packages out by Thanksgiving (late November) at latest, because we often see at least 2 weeks, and sometimes even 6 or 7 weeks of transit time. Especially if you think about going through customs and the holiday rushes. If your package arrives very late or gets lost, don't sweat it. We understand. :)



This year's Secret Santa is closed - we have 19 users participating. :-)


The 2018 Secret Santa had 19 users participating!


In 2017 the Secret Santa was run from Pnut. In years prior, it was held on App.net.