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ThemeMonday has a simple premise; a group of like-minded people change their avatars on or around the second Monday of every month, to a theme chosen by them after shortlisting and then a vote.

@blumenkraft set up a #ThemeMonday chat room for organizing - go take a look inside! The @ThemeMonday account also announces the event and helps coordinate.

Don't forget to tell your friends!

Approximate Process

(Starting a week prior.)

  1. Weekend: Ask for suggestions,
  2. Thursday evening: Create poll,
  3. Saturday evening/Sunday morning: Announce result!


  • In the event of a tiebreaker being necessary @bazbt3 will roll a die. To be determined due to location-based constraints: whether a physical, electronic or totally imaginary die will be utilised.
  • Effective theme recycling strategies are one key to success; participants tend to guide suggestions away from those already chosen for #ThemeMondays. However, dependence on e.g. world events, the seasons, nostalgia, etc.; all of these preclude the setting of formal rules.

Catalog of Avatars

@hutattedonmyarm created a small tool to see users' avatars for a given Theme Monday:

To be included in the list, post with the #ThemeMonday tag, the actual tag of that Monday (e.g., #YourMugMonday), and the word "avatar".

 "This is my #themeMonday avatar for #YourMugMonday."


  • Originally proposed by @alicia and ably implemented and run by @berklee, #ThemeMonday (an ADN Wiki page) was indisputably's most popular regular event. @bazbt3 took over from @berklee and ran it for a while. closed down on March 16 2017 so most links below will cease to work, but the memories of all participants will undoubtedly remain with them forever.
  • In the event of a tiebreaker being necessary, @bazbt3 previously sent a PM to @mlv's Eliza_Bot, asking her to roll 1dn (where n was the number of tying choices.)

Past Themes on Pnut

The era

Note, this is only a tiny selection of a the events.

  • 2017 March 13: #ApocalypseMonday
    • It's the very last chance to do this on, so don't forget to tell your friends! (This can run from the time you see this if you wish.)
    • The call to action,
    • Suggestions from people just like you:
      • #SunsetMonday - @bazbt3
      • #ReflectionMonday - @maxdavid
      • #GameOverMonday - @blumenkraft
      • #OpenSeaMonday - @schmidt_fu
      • #ApocalypseMonday - @c/@cn
    • [The final vote]( (created by @schmidt_fu.) Nothing irregular going on there, no, nope. :)
    • Called officially by @schmidt_fu 2017-03-12
  • 2016 February 8:
    • The call to action
    • Suggestions from people just like you:
      • #UpsidedownMonday - @mrshaiku
      • #TriageMonday - @bazbt3
      • #ApathyMonday - @cn
      • #DuckMonday - @cn
      • #LoveMonday - @cano
      • #GarfieldMonday - @grumpy
      • #LeapMonday - @mcdemarco
      • #RoboMonday - @hybotics
    • The vote is up, posted at
    • Called at 10:30am UK time
  • 2016 January 11: #RandomMonday
    • The call to action,
    • Suggestions from people just like you:
      • #RandomMonday - @cn
      • #OfficeMonday - @blumenkraft
      • #HappierMondays - @mcdemarco
      • #ComicsMonday - @cano
      • #StarWarsMonday - @ronnie
    • The vote is up, posted at
    • Called at 9:30am UK time