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=== Previous Prompts ===
=== Previous Prompts ===
* January 29: [https://beta.pnut.io/@33MHz/posts/734937 "sous-chef"]
* January 22: [https://beta.pnut.io/@33MHz/posts/731629 "feng shui"]
* January 22: [https://beta.pnut.io/@33MHz/posts/731629 "feng shui"]
* January 15: [https://beta.pnut.io/@33MHz/posts/728366 "playground"]
* January 15: [https://beta.pnut.io/@33MHz/posts/728366 "playground"]

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Write a single-post short story in response to a prompt chosen weekly (posted with the #WedC tag).

How it works

Write a 1-post entry based around the week’s theme, chosen each Wednesday. Post it, remembering to include either the tag #WedC (preferred) or #WednesdayChallenge if your muse isn’t being helpful and you need to fill space!

More answers to questions

  • An extended version can be posted elsewhere (e.g. your own blog).
  • Though the challenge starts on Wednesday there are no pressures to hit deadlines - writing runs for the full week. You don’t even have to publicize your involvement, if writing is the thing that spreads your toes.
  • Given the 256-character post limit most people will use #WedC. The original #WednesdayChallenge tag was abbreviated in response to the inevitable observation that 14 superfluous characters of tag is silly.


On App.net, @nitinkhanna called for the first Wednesday Challenge[1] and @duerig, creator of Patter, suggested it be a weekly thing[2]. This conversation took place in the Writers Write room set up by @richardleis.[3], who introduced the #hourofwriting[4], a similar challenge activity, during which people write at the same time for an hour non-stop.

Previous Prompts


“Guten Abend, nach altem Brauch (#WednesdayChallenge) rufe ich auf, eine kurze Geschichte zu schreiben. Sie passe in 256 Zeichen, trage das Zeichen #WedC oder #MitC und treffe das Thema dieser Woche “Links” (Deutsch oder Englisch) #MittwochsChallenge


  • ^ #WednesdayChallenge - @nitinkhanna: Write a short story in 256 characters involving the words "Pope","battle" and "moon". The wilder the better. :) - app.net, March 13 2013.
  • ^ #@duerig: That was fun. We should do this every wednesday. - Writer's Write Patter archive, March 13 2013
  • ^ #@pamdavis: We also used to do #hourofwriting, which anyone could call for. That was started by the room owner @richardleis. - app.net, October 2013 recollection.
  • ^ #@richardleis: I got the idea for #hourofwriting from Jane Espenson (TV writer and producer). She often calls for one on Twitter. Hope your writing is going well! - app.net, April 2013.
  • ^ #@thelma: @duerig That actually sounds great! If @bazbt3 and @annatarkov concur, we can let everyone know? @nitinkhanna said he wanted to sit this week out. - app.net, October 2013