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Pnut started up during mid-September 2016. The first post was on 10 September 2016 21:14pm, by @33MHz:

So, West Virginia--my birth state--they changed the slogan on the interstate signs to "Open for business" for a while.
-Ross. #quoteSunday

Later, Ross (@sandwichguy) joined the network himself.


It's inevitable that comparisons to will be made due to both the evolution of its basic infrastructure and the migration of users from the previous network. The social network started up in mid-August 2012 and ceased operating at 2017-03-17-06:45UTC. The strengths of that network, however small individually, are being built on by its ex-users; for example a willingness to engage with others of different beliefs, points of view, and further the more sociable aspects of an online community.


From its humble beginnings and despite a lack of the usual unsustainable frenzy around new networks, 400 people had created accounts by 2017-03-19 and hit 550 during October.

Using 2017-10-22, a baseline of 406 days since the creation of the network (ref. @pnutstats by @schmidt_fu), there are currently:

  • 557 users
  • 207762 posts
  • 36714 messages
  • 93 apps used.

On 2021-08-12, the one millionth post was created.

@brainseller made the logo history: links (placeholder)

Final posts


Intended to be a history of links are overwhelming right now, can you change that? If you can't create an account right now, contact @33MHz.