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Added more podcasts
* [ Jimquisition]: Collection of Podcasts with Jim Sterling (Podquisition, Fistsha
* [ MuggleCast]: Talk about Harry Potter
* [http://www.formeltiere.deDie de Die 3 Formeltiere]: German podcast about (usually math) formulas
* [ FistShark Marketing]: Comedy podcast with Jim Sterling about a malicious PR firm
* [ History of Westeros]: In-depth discussion about the history in the ASOIAF books
* [ The Talk Show]: John Gruber talking about Apple
* [ Adrift]: Comedy Podcast about pretending to be good at being an adult
* [ Flipendo]: Another (general) Harry Potter Podcast
* [ The Menu Bar]: A general tech podcast
* [ Scienceish]: Delve into the science behind popular culture
* [ Forschergeist]: German science podcast

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