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What is to be done?

Everything! To start work here one must create an account (at the top right of all pages.)

Use the toolbar above the editing area as a starting point. We have a markup (formatting, etc.) and style guide!


  • Document the history of One major reason for this Wiki's creation is the desire to document its history and to retain links to notable Events before memories fade.
  • Become the go-to place for current Events. If anything happens on pnut, one shouldn’t find out by accident.
  • Add links to live hashtags on hashtag and event pages.
  • Thinking (again) of writing code for pnut? Something like a bot or minimal tool? But no precise ideas yet? This can be used as an "implementation wanted" page to grab ideas! Don't just wait for a Hackathon!

Done or ongoing

For recent changes see the ToDo page.

  • Addition of Hackathons and other events without a regular schedule.
  • Emphasise Events on the main page, whatever their schedule. Add to the sidebar.
  • Create a basic formatting & Style Guide, a starting point to ensure MediaWiki markup novices create viewable content.