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A short guide to formatting text for this wiki

(Formatting help specific to this network and this wiki.)

It may seem a bit odd to launch straight into the specifics first, but this part is possibly going to be referred to by most once familiar with the basics. Scroll for the Basic formatting section.

If you absolutely must create a page to test something major, please create it using @yourusername/Sandbox and add [[Category:Sandbox]] to automatically add it to the Category:Sandbox Page.

Your Wiki user page

If you want to be listed as a Wiki editor/creator please create your Wiki page with @yourusername as the title and copy the text from Template:User. If you don't wish to follow that template please at least add [[Category:User]] at the bottom of the markup.

Username at

[{@username} @username] - for example, [ @pnut] - gives @pnut

Hashtag at

[{tag} tag] - for example, [ #ThemeMonday] - gives #ThemeMonday

Hashtag RSS feed at{tag} - for example, - gives

Add a Calendar

For calendar usage, see the SimpleCalendar MediaWiki Extension. (Please use infrequently, it creates badly-named pages by default. The intention is to supersede it with something even better.)


To draw the reader’s attention to facts about a page add a:


(This is not a default Mediawiki item.)


Basic formatting

(Yet another guide to Mediawiki markup.)

It’s not necessary to learn a complex markup language to create good-looking wiki pages. MediaWiki markup is different to DokuWiki markup and both are, of course, different to Markdown. Plain text will work just as well to create useful, informative content; content beats form every time.

The toolbar at the top of the editing area is very useful and transforms a previously arcane art into something akin to using a simple text editor to create, er… complex things. What follows is a guide for those who wish to delve deeper and for those who wish to apply consistent styling across this wiki.

Things to remember

  1. When you're editing use the Preview button. Use it often. The preview button is your friend.
  2. If all else fails look at someone else’s page for clues.
  3. Don’t be frightened to break something, changes can be reverted if necessary.
  4. Try not to break anything (see the first edict above.)

Section headings

Note: Heading 1 is used by the Mediawiki software as the page title.

Heading 2

To separate text from other sections.

==Heading 2 ==

Heading 3


=== Heading 3 ===

Heading 4

==== Heading 4 ====

Note that the presence of 3 or more section headings in a page automatically generates a table of contents. It can be disabled by addition of the __NOTOC__ Magic Word (preferred location: top of page.)

Basic styles

Ordinary text:

Ordinary text

Italic text:

''Italic'' text

Bold text:

'''Bold''' text

Italic bold text:

'''''Italic bold''''' text
Monospaced text:
<pre>Monospaced text</pre> for code, explanations. (Or start a line with a space.)


(Red links are links to pages that don’t exist yet.)

Wiki pages, e.g. Events:


Wiki pages with friendlier names, e.g. The past is past, with a pipe between URL and text:

[[PnutHistory|The past is past]]

External pages, just type the URL, e.g.

External Pages with friendlier names e.g. is a nice site, with a space between URL and text:

[ is a nice site]


Numbered list:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. More
# One
# Two
# More

Bulleted list:

  • Foo
  • Bar
  • Baz
* Foo
* Bar
* Baz


A number of html formatting tags can also be used, such as

hr, pre, strike, strong