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The future belongs to paper and wizards.
The future belongs to paper and wizards.
Faerûn - Waterdeep
==My public MUD server :==
What is a MUD?
MUD stands for "Multi-User Dungeon" and refers to a text-based multi-user game
centered around a fantasy adventure genre such as Dungeons and Dragons.
'''Server:''' adaka.internet-box.ch
'''Port:''' 5555
(Use Telnet or [https://www.mudlet.org/ Mudlet-Client] to login and create a new account. A epic adventure is waiting...)
==My special interests :==
==My special interests :==

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The future belongs to paper and wizards.

My special interests :

  • #DnD
  • #MTG
  • #8bit
  • #Linux
  • #Music
  • #Paper
  • #Retro
  • #Matcha
  • #Kindle
  • #StarTrek
  • #Minecraft
  • #Keyboards
  • #BlackBerry
  • #TypeWriter
  • #Skateboards
  • #RaspberryPi
  • #FountainPens
  • #PaintingDrawing

... extension of the list happens very spontaneously ;)

And yes, I like to sort things to make it look nicer. I am a aspie.

My Patter chat-rooms:

Apps I recommend


@papierzeit - view my current pnut.io profile.

@papierzeit - requires a pnut.io account to interact with me.

@papierzeit - my Twitch channel

More infos coming soon...