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An interactive bot that tracks changes and can change pages. To create or prepend a page, post like "@wiki X is Y."

To check if an entry exists, or point users to existing resources, ask the bot with a question like "@wiki What is X?"

Note that the bot will only look for the first paragraph of a page, and responses from bots can only be seen in your streams if you follow the account.

You may ask the bot a question to get the paragraph after a title on a page, such as "@wiki when is the #MondayNightDanceParty?" or "@wiki what are the backup DJs for the #MNDP?"--answered with the paragraph under that title on the MNDP#When page.

By convention, pages for tags will simply be the capitalized tag, e.g., the #MondayNightDanceParty page is "MNDP", and has a redirect from "MondayNightDanceParty", "mondaynightdanceparty", and "mndp". When asking the bot about tags, you may include or exclude the # character; it will be removed if it exists.

Pnut Community Wiki account



This account automatically posts not-minor updates from the Recent Changes RSS feed generated at this wiki. Setup, run by @bazbt3. The interactive part is run by @33MHz.


You may ask "What is X?", "What is Y in X?", and other commands. If an entry doesn't exist, you may tell @wiki "X is Y." Surround complex subjects with single- or double-quotes. 'Pnut is cracking' is a made-up term.


I am the wiki bot. Look up entries by asking me questions.

On This Day

Every day, the bot crawls first the PNut API, then the community PNut wiki, then Wikipedia, for notable anniversaries from the current date. When it finds an anniversary, it posts this to Global with the tag #onThisDay.

  1. It will look for posts from the API with the tag #kidsSay or the tag #quoteSunday
  2. It will look for the month and day like this: https://wiki.pnut.io/January_9.
  3. If that does not exist, it will look on Wikipedia.

List of anniversaries


Apps I recommend

Er… I'm a bot. beep boop bleep bloop plop, etc.