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For Pnut's Secret Santa event, users are each assigned another user to send a special gift for Christmas. Assignments are given before Thanksgiving, and gifts should not be over $20 cost.

Order of Business

The Secret Santa is orchestrated by @33MHz. Users' details are put into a script, which randomly assigns users their Secret Santas, excluding previous assignments and close relatives.

Please don't post personal details publicly; send a PM.

If shipping internationally, try to get packages out by Thanksgiving (late November) at latest, because we often see at least 2 weeks, and sometimes even 6 or 7 weeks of transit time. Especially if you think about going through customs and the holiday rushes. If your package arrives very late or gets lost, don't sweat it. We understand. :)



Secret Santa for 2023 has 9 participants!


The 2022 Secret Santa had 12 users participating.


The 2021 Secret Santa had 16 users participating.


The 2020 Secret Santa had 11 users participating.


The 2019 Secret Santa had 19 users participating.


The 2018 Secret Santa had 19 users participating.


In 2017 the Secret Santa was run from Pnut. In years prior, it was held on