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== What is == is a social network created by [[@33MHz]] and inspired by Here's a typical exchange, from the [ Legacy Cookies Patter chatroom.]:<br><blockquote>"It's cozy here. in Germany we would call it 'gemütlich'. this is not the marketplace like Twitter is, it's the pub where your friends are. it's like Cheers the TV show. Also, this is a playing ground for developers. Also, we all come from<br>!-- TRANSCLUDED LINK immediately following THIS comment INSERTS the [[@blumenkraftHelp:NewUsers]]</blockquote> <blockquote>"Pnut is a social network where the focus is towards humans, page. Edit there not brands; where the incentive is to be able to talk to people and jump into conversations; where abusers of any sorts have no right to be; this is a friendly platform for people wanting to create or join communities, where you expect to not be crushed by the giant corporate machine while you simply enjoy being there with other peoplehere."<br>-- [[@ericd]]</blockquote> <blockquote>Amen! Also, no ads! \o/<br>-- [[@blumenkraft]]</blockquoteFor more detail see https{{:// and [[Help:NewUsers|the Guide for new users here.]]}}
=== pnut of the day: ===
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