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Baz SproutBurritoInventor

Bazbt3 avatar 135x135.png - avatar by me and daughter 1.


A simple man with a wonderful wife, 2 daughters. Loki cat's alpha male, Mollie cat's food provider, Ruby dog's poop scooper, chew toy. Asks silly questions.

I have a #PnutBadge (was previously a #PnutPatreon.)

My Patter chat rooms


Apps I recommend

  • ChimPnut - has it all. (As a user-beta tester I helped unbork its login thingy. I've suggested wholly-impractical things which somehow @ludolphus made real.)
  • PnutButler - posting, avatar change, etc., a very useful client.
  • Arachis - evolving very nicely indeed. (I'm a user-beta tester.)
  • Riposte - currently a rather nice beta.

I intend to break stuff here

I intend to break it in the most public way, by editing live pages. Woooo…

I'm currently fiddling with:

  • @bazbt3/Sandbox - making use of the MediaWiki ParserFunctions extension to automatically display current and upcoming events.