4 January 2020

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A hackathon!


  • Visit the hacking space chat room in Patter or beta.

Open Ideas

  • Update @beta to use sticky messages, other improvements
  • pnut.rocks, pnut.social, pnut.chat, pnut.world, pnut.dev, pnut.net
  • Improve Paste to display code better
  • Add menu options to https://telephone.s3rv.com
  • New MNDP intro
  • Add Instagram-to-RSS functionality for RtPaaS (https://github.com/maddox/instagrammer maybe?)
  • Improve Wedro's RoastMonday and polls design (remove index.php's, improve visual design...)
  • Your Idea Here ;)



@ludolphus - updated longpost links to go to longpo.st. Updating video handling.


@33mhz - Working on channel creation, editing.

MNDP.tv playlist generator

@33MHz - Built basic parser, now I need to integrate the YouTube API so I can create playlists from the links I have.


Improved @wiki's #OnThisDay posts to use Pnut user-determined anniversaries, instead of Wikipedia's list, first.