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@pnutPrinter is a 58mm receipt printer that will print and then take a picture and post the text of posts with the #pnutPrinter tag.

Immortalize your post by tagging it with #pnutPrinter.

Lines are 18 characters wide. Ending with "*" will preserve white space. (Think: ASCII art.)


The printer is run by a Raspberry Pi attached to a receipt printer and a webcam, with a light.

The light turns on when the room is too dark, shown here: https://beta.pnut.io/@33MHz/posts/688180.

The actual printer: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011KF6GW4.

An early prototype of the Python code: https://gist.github.com/33mhz/69ca1a6a01093754aeb59f6bcb4236b5. It has since been rewritten in PHP using websocket/"streams".


Tag a post with #pnutPrinter. If posting ASCII art, end the post with an asterisks (*) and limit your art to a width of 18 characters.