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The #MondayNightDanceParty is a communal music event started in 2012. It's run by @jdscolam every Monday night at 8:30PM CST, using to request and listen to music together.


How to participate

  1. Find a recording of a song you like on YouTube
  2. Log into
  3. Request your song!
  4. Sit back and chat about your week, the weather, and other sundries
  5. @jdscolam or a friendly stand-in DJ will arrange the songs in the MNDP interface. Listen and enjoy!


Every Monday, starting at 8:30PM Central Time, USA for ~2 hours.


Homes and work places around the world! But mostly in American time zones, and some crazy European night owls' homes and streets. hosts a web app to chat and interact. That's the app on Pnut. You may also use a chat-capable Pnut app with channel 600, e.g., Chat room 600 on the Beta web app or Chat room 600 on the Patter web app, just to chat and see requests from the @mndp bot.

Backup DJs

@darthgrammar, @thedoctor, @darkhawk


  • 20 August 2012 - @po, @jdscolam, and @33MHz meet on the new social network, and begin sharing music spontaneously.
  • October-November 2012? - @duerig, @ryantharp, and @q build the first app for MNDP on, called Vidcast.
  • 13 March 2017 - live MNDP in St. Louis, MO, USA marking the end of
  • July 2017? - @jdscolam builds a new app for the MNDP, on Pnut
  • 13 August 2018 - live MNDP in St. Louis, MO, USA marking the 6th anniversary of the dance party