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PnutButler is the daily helper for interacting with the social network that you always wanted! It's an App, it's an Extension, it's on iPhone, it's on iPad, it's on your homescreen and it's in your favorite Apps!

Do a quick post without distraction by the timeline? Share an article, a podcast, maybe just a plain piece of text without leaving the App you're in? Post a photo to Pnut? Send a message to your friends in PMs or to chatrooms? Or crosspost with the timeline?

PnutButler got you covered!

Here are a few features of PnutButler:

  • Share photos, text and links with automatic Markdown generation and hashtag & mention detection
  • Saved Hashtags: save once, access everywhere
  • Channels: Crossposting to Global and PMs and/or Patter chatrooms
  • Imgur login: Share photos through your personal account for full control
  • Customizable 3D Touch Quick Actions for quick posting of text and photos!
  • In-App photo browser
  • In-App camera
  • Choose photo quality
  • Choose from Markdown and Hashtag handling options
  • @mentions support

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Pnut App Page