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== <strong>Max</strong> ==
I'm a big Potterhead and proud Slytherin! I'm generally into reading, especially Contemporary Fantasy, so book suggestions are always welcome!
Member of the [[DACHclub]]
I like rock, metal, and other kinds of "terrible music", podcasts, technology.
==Clients I use==
* [[Arachis]]
* [[Riposte]]
* [[JellyTime]]
* [[Patter]]
* [[Robin]]
==Podcasts I listen to==
* [ AppStories]: Podcast about (mainly iOS) Apps
* [ Harry Potter and the sacred text]: Reading the Harry Potter books as if they were religious texts
* [ Jimquisition]: Collection of Podcasts with Jim Sterling (Podquisition, Fistsha
* [ MuggleCast]: Talk about Harry Potter
* [http://www.formeltiere.deDie 3 Formeltiere]: German podcast about (usually math) formulas
* [ FistShark Marketing]: Comedy podcast with Jim Sterling about a malicious PR firm
* [ History of Westeros]: In-depth discussion about the history in the ASOIAF books
* [ Radio Westeros]: In-depth discussion about the ASOIAF books
* [ SpeakBeasty]: Podcast about Fantastic Beasts and where to find them
* The Talk Show]: John Gruber talking about Apple

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