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PigPen is a text-driven Python app with rudimentary post and query abilities. Developed in Python 2.7 to be compatible with the PNUTpy library, all the work is tailored to work on an iPhone 6 running Pythonista. Think pre-alpha and dial your expectations back a bit.

Basic features:

  • Post: post, reply, repost, bookmark, send message.
  • Get: posts, mentions, hashtags, threads, bookmarks, messages, channels, subscribed channels.
  • Other: Follow users.

Limitations as-of v0.1.22:

  • Text commands only.
  • Only 20 items per inquiry.
  • No error handling; e.g. if there are fewer than 20 posts in an inquiry the app will exit.
  • See the changelog link below for more.

Direct Link

See website link below.

Pnut App Page

Not applied for yet.