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"logo by @brainseller"

A brief guide for new Pnut users

What is Pnut?

Pnut is a social network created by @33MHz and inspired by Here's a typical exchange, from a chat group on the service:

"It's cozy here. in Germany we would call it 'gemütlich'. this is not the marketplace like Twitter is, it's the pub where your friends are. it's like Cheers the TV show. Also, this is a playing ground for developers. Also, we all come from"
-- @blumenkraft

"Pnut is a social network where the focus is towards humans, not brands; where the incentive is to be able to talk to people and jump into conversations; where abusers of any sorts have no right to be; this is a friendly platform for people wanting to create or join communities, where you expect to not be crushed by the giant corporate machine while you simply enjoy being there with other people."
-- @ericd

"Amen! Also, no ads! \o/"
-- @blumenkraft

For more detail see the Guide for new users here and the official About page.

What to Do

Creating Posts

Posts are the bread and butter of PNut. People make them and direct them at other people, or just out into the wilderness.

Posts are visible to anyone, even non-PNut users. They're tacked together into lists of posts called "streams". The Global stream has all posts. If a post is directed at you, it will be included in your Mentions stream. There are lots of streams to view posts in.

Posts are limited to 256 characters in length. This is one of the characteristics of a short messaging service. It makes content more accessible, and easier to keep up with.

They can be edited, but only once, within 5 minutes of creation. And when you edit it, you can change any text, but you have to include all the same mentions, links, tags, and other fancy things like spoilers, embeds, and polls.

Following Others

No, it's not creepy. Well, it could be creepy. Don't be creepy about it.

Private Messaging

Many apps or clients let you send private messages to other users. You can send them to one or more users at once, and all of you will have a shared room to view the messages, that no one else can join or see.


Before relaxing into a conversation here you'll need an account and an app or web service to connect to PNut.