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* {{note|first}} #WednesdayChallenge - @nitinkhanna: Write a short story in 256 characters involving the words "Pope","battle" and "moon".The wilder the better. :) -, March 13 2013.
* {{note|first_suggestion}} #@duerig: That was fun. We should do this every wednesday. - Writer's Write Patter archive, March 13 2013
* {{note|writers_room}} #[[pamela|@pamdavis]]: We also used to do #hourofwriting, which anyone could call for. That was started by the room owner @richardleis. -, October 2013 recollection.
* {{note|hour_of_writing}} #@richardleis: I got the idea for #hourofwriting from Jane Espenson (TV writer and producer). She often calls for one on Twitter. Hope your writing is going well! -, April 2013.
* {{note|agreement}} #@thelma: @duerig That actually sounds great! If [[bazbt3|@bazbt3 ]] and [[annatarkov|@annatarkov ]] concur, we can let everyone know? @nitinkhanna said he wanted to sit this week out. -, October 2013
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