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{{Template:Banner|'''?'''|<strong>Initial release contains only broken links and history.</strong> Developed originally for the ADN Wiki, and intended to generate a pithy or useful quotation every day of the month. Useful, pnut-specific facts would be nice to show on the Main Page.}}
== A sample Quotation-Of-The-Day snippet for transclusion into another page . Current status: Random edits in progress. ==
For the Wiki, of course.<br>
An example:<br>
{{#switch: {{CURRENTDAY}}
|0=Something went wrong. Bend over.
|1=What's happening? [[App.Net_Wiki:Current_eventsEvents|This is.]] |2=Every second Monday of the month: It will soon be [[ThemeMonday|#ThemeMonday]]! |3=The Wiki has [[ADNPiToDo|#ADNPipages that need work.]] is irrational. |4=Who makes this Wiki? You and [[Wiki_Volunteer_StaffUsers|volunteersWE do!]]
| has [[Private_Messaging|private messaging.]]
|6=Want to know about other users? Try [[Discover_ADN|@DiscoverADN]]
|11=Have you got's [[OfficialApp|official app?]]
|12=Do you like football (soccer)? Search for the [[ADNFC|#ADNFC]] hashtag.
| was created io went live on August 13 2012September 10 2016. |14=Are you a hacker? Try the [[Hackathon|#hackathonsHackathons!]]
|15=The ADN [[BookClub]] meets every 15th.
|16=Do you like statistics? [[Purplapp]] is for you!
|18=Want Push notifications? There's [[Broadcast]].
|19=Have you tried [[QuoteSunday]] yet?
|20=Every Monday: [[MondayNightDancePartyMNDP_(Monday_Night_Dance_Party)|#MondayNightDanceParty!]]
|21=Feeling artistic? Try the [[TuesdayChallenge|#TuesdayChallenge]]!
|22=Feeling creative? Try the [[WednesdayChallenge|#WednesdayChallenge]]!
|23=New to ADN? Try [[App.net_resources_for_new_users|our resources.]]
|24=ADN has [[Apps|Apps and services!]]
|25=Why not try making a page [[Help:Editing|better?]]
|26=[[App.Net_Wiki:Community_portal|What's happening]] at the Wiki?
|27=[[App.Net_Wiki:Current_eventsEvents|What's happening]] across Apppnut.netio? |28=Want chatrooms? io has [[Patter_roomsPatter_Rooms|Patter roomspublic and private.]] |29=Feeling generous/needyWant pnut storage? 10GB? Try an Buy a [[ADNgiftpnutbadge]]. |30=Like coffeeHave questions frequently? Post with a Check out the [[Coffeelovers|#Coffeelovers hashtagFAQ]]! |31=The io Wiki has [[Pages_that_need_workToDo|pages that need work.]]
|32=Something went wrong. Hands up!

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